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Ethics & Compliance

The Company Announces Q3 2024 Results

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

AeroVironment is committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics ("Code"), which applies to all of our directors, officers and employees, contains general guidelines for conducting the Company's business consistent with the highest standards of business ethics and personal integrity. The Code forms the core of AeroVironment's Trust and Integrity Value. All officers, directors and employees are required to read and understand and act in accordance with the Code.

Anonymously Report Violations of the Code or other Concerns

All persons subject to the Code have a duty to report any known or suspected violation of the Code, including any violation of all laws, rules, regulations or policies that apply to AeroVironment.

If you are aware of any potential violations of the Code or any other unethical or illegal activities involving our company, we strongly encourage you to report them immediately. AeroVironment employees, as well as clients, contractors, vendors, stockholders and other interested parties, may ask questions about our Code and other ethics and compliance issues, as well as report potential violations of the Code or any other concerns, through our Ethics and Compliance Hotline accessible as follows:

MyAVHotline.EthicsPoint operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is run by an independent, third-party provider. MyAVHotline.EthicsPoint is designed to protect your confidentiality, and your anonymity, if requested. The MyAVHotline.EthicsPoint provides a web-based reporting capability as well as a toll-free telephone-based service. Regardless of how a report is made, AeroVironment prohibits retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a possible violation or who participates in an investigation, even if sufficient evidence is not found to substantiate the concern. We will take appropriate action against anyone determined to be engaging in retaliatory conduct.